Thinking v. Doing

I’ve been thinking about sewing. I’ve been drawing, reading, and experimenting. I haven’t been sewing. Honestly, it’s been good. While in Brazil, I read two textbooks about fashion design and fashion illustration. They were quick reads and filled with exercises and assignments. While I didn’t do all the homework, I enjoyed the space and time … More Thinking v. Doing

Ipatinga, Brazil

I’m in Brazil! Twenty days of family bonding, traveling around and grandmas/aunties/cousins. My boys are so excited to play with our extended family. Getting ready was crazy but fun. I used Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe course and Cardigan Empire’s resources to organize my travel clothes in my new size! There’s so much inspiration here and … More Ipatinga, Brazil

Help me decide!

Ms. Bossy Pants from the Monthly Stitch is back for the April 2018 challenge. Basically, this stash busting challenging asks someone else to help you pair a stash fabric with a stash pattern to help you decide what to make next. Join the fun and help me decide! Three patterns & three fabrics: Now to … More Help me decide!

An end of year moment

So I haven’t posted in ages, but the end of year stress as a teacher/Grad Student/Mom-o-3 has led to a little stress relief shopping that I thought I would share. While shopping, I created this cute little collage to keep me focused (mostly worked…) I have been loving seeing Ashley Graham everywhere lately as she is … More An end of year moment