I heart Maxi skirts!

One of my co-workers inspired this skirt.


She often wears maxis at work and I love it! I used a Navy knit from Jo-Anns. I think it was listed as “ponte roma.” It is softer than traditional “ponte”, but still has a thicker “bottom weight” feel that lighter jersey. It is a cotton/poly/spandex blend.


Of course, I tried to make it “winter” with this cute sweater. It was an experiment that I like from the front.


Less so from the back because of the sweater’s hemline. The skirt also seems a bit “high-water” because I always feel that RTW maxis either drag on the ground or I trip/step on them as I walk around.



See? Cute, swishy, comfy, and I didn’t step on it or trip, even when walking up and down stairs. I used Simplicity 1616, but I had to go down two sizes in the waist so it would fit. Love all that positive ease in knit patterns! I’ve cut this again in the coral knit. I’m also loving the woven skirt in this pattern (its the reason I bought the pattern in the first place) so I cut one of those in a loud crepe print. I’ll let you know how that goes!

6 thoughts on “I heart Maxi skirts!

  1. Love this navy skirt! How did you manage to get the length so right (i.e., not tripping over or stepping on it)? I generally prefer a straighter version, with side-seamed pockets, but this does look nice! Can’t wait to see your other two.

    1. I shortened the waistband/yoke thing by 2 inches and shortened the skirt’s length by 1 and 3/8 in. so that the skirt sits just below my belly button and lands at the top of my ankle. That length worked rather well as I moved around the school today.

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