Happy New Year with Marsala


I know it sounds like I’m drinking wine, but in reality I am talking about the name for this year’s color of the year from Pantone Marsala, which they describe as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red”.

img_pantone_color_of_the_year_2015_press_releaseThank God they picked a color I like! I plan to buy some nail polish and some fabric in this color.

Its been flattering multiple hair and skin tones on the red carpet. Are you thinking about using Marsala this year? I am, but no fabric purchases have been made yet. Let me know if you see some!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year with Marsala

  1. I have just finished a coat that I say is berry coloured, but now I am wondering if I can get away with calling it Marsala! Haha bang on trend and I never even realised! 💝

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