New Year, New Projects, and New Colors!

Over the past 3 years I have learned a lot. Most importantly, I have learned that just knowing how to sew is not enough to achieve the look I want.

Fashion Trends + Amazing Fit + Smart Choices = Fabulous

With the Silhouette Project, I have been playing with a ton of shapes, colors, and most importantly fit. Now, I want to start bringing things together. Sadly, I wasn’t completely happy with my CAT wardrobe because I was rushing for the pattern review competition which led to poor fit, fabric snafus and rushed finishing. This time I want to do it correctly so that all the pieces are keepers! I’ve been toying with this for the past two months. color palette inspirationLately, I’ve been having a love affair with Navy. I’ve been wearing navy pieces lately, and I have received many compliments even from my high school students! Working with navy, I found these inspiration ideas with gold/yellow and coral/salmon. During the various holiday sales, I not only picked up great quality fabrics, I scored a few key accessories in these colors. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s my perfect princess dress (almost done!) with my coral fabric: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Left with lace is the cotton stretch poplin I purchased for the Lace Waist Dress, which was a bust, so I’m still pondering a pattern. Top is a silk/rayon jersey that I’m thinking would make my Simplicity 2766 blouse. Right is a 3 yd. mystery fiber jersey that came in my fabricmart bundle (happy surprise!). I’m torn between making either a Style Arc Laura Cardigan or a maxi skirt with it. I know a cardigan would layer with the sheath dress perfectly, but look at this maxi: coral-maxi-skirt-skirt-black-floral-print-top-black-heels Anyway, this post is getting long, but I wanted to share my progress and ask coral maxi or coral Laura cardigan?

No make-up middle of the night photo shoot for color check. =) This is when mom has time to herself!
No make-up middle of the night photo shoot for color check. =) This is when mom has time to herself!

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Projects, and New Colors!

  1. All depends on how coral looks next to your face. I love orange but don’t love it near my face. However… I’ve got a brilliant orange maxi & wear it constantly. It’s lovely with black or white, perfect with denim. I prefer my cardigans in neutrals, black/white/navy & I pair them with bright separates or dresses.

    1. mmm that’s an excellent point. I added a photo of the fabric next to hair and skin. Its my crazy middle of the night look while my son is sleeping =)

      1. Experiment & have fun 🙂 if you truly love navy then use the other colours as accents, ie cardigans, scarves, shirts under jackets and so on. You end up with more wardrobe combinations that way.

  2. Do you have a navy maxi? Or cardi? For me, orange is a “neutral” next to my face, navy not so much. But that said, I do have a navy maxi, but not an orange cardi. Hmmm Maybe the orange now on me own cutting table should be a Style Arc cardi… but I digress.

    Can’t tell from your photo how orange will look… your hair/eye colour? Of your wardrobe pieces, which would net the most completed outfits – a maxi or a cardi? (Now I’m reconsidering my orange.)

    Happy New Year & sewing!


    1. I actually prepped some muted navy linen for a maxi trumpet skirt based on Simplicity 5914! As for the wardrobe question, I own more cardigans than skirts, so bottoms may be more of a priority in terms of outfits…good point.

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