Holiday PJs and my Blogiversary

My blog is 3 years old! Can you believe it!


He’s 3 too! I can’t believe it! I made him this set of PJs for Christmas (a size too big for room to grow). Isn’t he such a ham?


Yeah, I did make a few others and a set of bottoms for myself, but nothing exciting. Now I’m done with all the sewing presents part of the season AND Christmas vacation has officially started as of this afternoon. What’s up next?

First: Pattern Preservation for a few of my TNTs that are on their last uses. I found the directions in a Sandra Betzina article (SewNews August/Sept 2008)


Second: Finish my first “Perfect Princess Dress” from V8972. I have already muslined and stitched up the fashion fabric in a Navy stretch cotton poplin. Navy is my new favorite neutral! Now I just need to stitch up the lining, freshly cut. I am so happy with the fit I’ve gotten with this “select a cup” pattern and the various adjustments I’ve learned since starting this blog. I am also experimenting with the embroidery stitches on my machine. I can’t wait to show you!


Third: My huge box of Black Friday fabric sales showed up! Cat added for scale. Honestly, I remembered I had a $25 gift certificate from when I enrolled in the fabric swatch club, so I placed a second order to use it before it expired! And, I, of course, added a ten yard bundle to that one! So, with 2 bundles filled with surprises and all that fabric, I am planning new projects!


Isn’t it pretty? There’s tweed, coating, wool gabardine, wool suiting, silk/rayon jersey, cotton jersey, linen, linen/rayon suiting, and…and…and… Le sigh…

6 thoughts on “Holiday PJs and my Blogiversary

    1. that’s so true! I’m going crazy with how long a project takes these days between work and mommy fun. I bet it will take until next black Friday to make a dent in this box 🙂 it’s also why I’m not renewing my swatch club membership. no need!

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