Mini-Capsule: Exploring Colors

As I am progressing in my fashion sewing journey, I have learned about so many things. This Curvy Capsule project is no different. Here are some great things I’ve learned while starting this capsule.

Where does color come from?

photo courtesy of pantone and their Spring 2017 Fashion Report

Remember that red-orange French Terry I loved for the Gabrielle dress in Seamwork’s May 2017 issue? It’s right there on Pantone’s color report as “Flame”. The beautiful blue matte charmeuse from Jo-Anns? Oddly similar to Pantone’s “Lapis Blue.” These colors are showing up in fabric stores, on sample garments, and clothing stores because Pantone publishes its fashion color forecast for Spring and for Fall every year. I hadn’t paid much attention after the “Color of the Year” announcement in January because it was a green color I didn’t fancy (i.e. “Greenery”). Therefore, I missed the Spring forecast until I was looking for palette and color combos for this capsule. I’m still sticking with my cream, red-orange and shades of blue palette I wrote about last time, but reading up was a fun exercise.

Next, I went back to my personal coloring because of an article I read on the Curvy Sewing Collective’s blog that mentioned this app:

I’m still learning how to use the app, but eventually, I’ll post my thoughts on how effective it is. I would love it see your’s if you try it dear reader!

Finally, I found a new fashion blogger that speaks to my struggles with fashion.

the curated closet

Anuschka Rees is the author of the Curated Closet that hit bookstores in Fall 2016. While she’s not a seamstress, she does talk about the trouble with closets that are full to overflowing, and yet, there’s nothing to wear. She addresses the problems with fast fashion and trend following versus personal style and thoughtful purchases. Her blog has many gems, and I’m impatiently waiting for her book to arrive in my mailbox.

Is anyone else planning on joining the mini-capsule sew-along? Have you thought about your colors? Are you learning or trying something new?


5 thoughts on “Mini-Capsule: Exploring Colors

  1. I sort of am doing a capsule. I’ve got some swimsuit sewing this month for a beach trip, but I’ve already made one dress and I’m planning a couple of others along with a blouse and a pair of pants. I am going with jewel tones of purple, blue, turquoise and navy. I’m not sure I’ll get them all finished this month but I’m going to try. I’d also like to try to make a couple of short peg legs to go under the dresses .

    1. Isn’t it great knowing your personal best in colors and styles so you aren’t chained to the trend colors that aren’t always the best? Love sewing for that reason!

      1. 😍
        Only down side to that is sometimes its very difficult to locate your colours. Which is why when I found greens almost 10 yrs ago in Chicago I bought everything I found. Much still to be used… he-he-hee!

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