Dusting off the machine for Spring…

After the rather long season of Lent, the catholic school I work for is having a huge Easter/spring break of almost 2 weeks! Just the inspiration I needed to finally create a dedicated sewing area in my house (i.e. moving off the dining room table into a bedroom corner). After two weekends of moving and reorganizing, my sewing space is ready!

The lighting during the afternoon is phenomenal! Now I just need to figure out wall hangings and buy a good lamp for evening sewing. (This was a really inexpensive IKEA table top with their red metal legs if you want a version of your own!)

Now, I want a spring project to sew. I really love the wide-leg soft draping pants coming out this season. Here’s a professional version:


I also love Mimi G’s version:


Honestly, I have a little cyber-obsession with Mimi G right now. Anyway, I picked up this pattern for my sewing room. It is my favorite one she’s done with Simplicity.


I absolutely love the shirt and pants. Her sew-a-long video also has a more casual version with camo pants and a sheer blue knit top with denim jacket. I’ve also been following this blog. I find the fashion inspiration from Rio’s Carnival reminds me of living in Brazil and translates well to my life in Florida. Look at these colors:


Of course, the translation to street fashion is in busy, colorful prints that cover the body. LOVE! Here’s the jersey I chose based on the blues and pinks in my color inspiration photo:

Poly blend from FabricMartFabrics.com

I’ve decided to cut it using McCalls 6514 because it is sized for knits and doesn’t have darts. This jersey is fairly slinky and lightweight, so gathers are a more appropriate shaping method. We’ll see how it goes!


7 thoughts on “Dusting off the machine for Spring…

    1. 2 more days! I am so excited and inspired! Because the Catholic school has the break late, my son’s school is in session and my husband has to work. Oddly, I’m really happy to have 4-5 empty house days midweek.

      1. Don’t think that’s odd at all. Most people enjoy time on their own, particularly creative folk. Gives quiet time to recharge your personal batteries. And do some concentrated sewing. 😉

        1. Thanks for the support. My husband is the kind that always wants to go somewhere. He’s really thinking I’m a bit loony/addicted so he knows I like sewing, but doesn’t understand my obsession. At least he’s supportive!

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