Travel Top #3

Isn’t this a great one yard wonder? It is simple, quick, and comfy!


I love the neckline shape and the gathering at the CF.


I just needed an FBA for this Simplicity 2766 top, and I used the Threads FBA for knits again. I’m so glad I learned that trick for knits. I was just leaving it unadjusted before. It really makes a significant difference in how the shirt front lays.


This is my 4th version of this top so I think it has hit TNT status. I plan to make one or two more for my work wardrobe in the future. It really looks great as a layering piece.


Check out thess wedge bootie sneakers! They are very popular in Brazil right now. I found them in the USA on Amazon’s site for $20. They’re fun, stylish, and easier to walk in than heels. Alas, they do get uncomfortable for long walks.


11 thoughts on “Travel Top #3

  1. Hi Tereza, that top looks great – I need to hunt out that FBA what issue of Threads did you find it in? Are you back in the states or still in Brazil?
    All the best Jacqui in NZ

    1. Hi Jacqui! I’m only visiting Brazil this time for two months. When I jet home the end of July, I’ll dig through my issues and get back to you with the issue details!
      Is it cold in NZ yet? As you can see, we’re a bit toasty right now. I’ve barely had to use my jacket. Jeans, tanks in the day topped with a light cardigan at night. It doesn’t seem like the Brazilian winter I remember from two years ago!
      All the best to you too! Tereza

      1. Jacqui, here’s what I was able to locate on-line to help us out till Tereza gets back home :

        Threads has a YouTube channel:
        Quoting from the above page:
        “The techniques described by Joi Mahon in this article from Threads #179 (June/July 2015) will give you a bust fit like no other. The secret lies in the quadrant-based approach.
        Every body is unique in its proportions and dimensions. I have found that the best way to achieve impeccable fit is to focus on the body’s vertical and horizontal proportions. Let me show you how to get a perfect fit in one of the most difficult areas to fit on a woman’s body.
        “Become a Threads Insider today to get access to this and other exclusive Insider-only articles.”

        I’m not a member, so don’t have access.
        Tereza, does this sound like the article you used?
        Hope this helps, Jacqui ~

        1. No, that sounds more theoretical. This was a really simple one specifically for knits modification on flat patterns. It was on the last few pages of the issue in the Q&A technique section. It was illustration with some basic diagrams.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Jacqui, and was going to try to remember to look it up online. Don’t mean to up-stage you, Dear Tereza ~ Just am forever trying to work out my blouse frontage probs! If I locate it Jacqui, will post it for you.
    Ms T, this is a great blouse & pattern, and I love the fabric. Remember where you found it? Hope you’re having a great time down there! xx

    1. Thanks! This fabric was a yard remnant from Jo-Anns for about $3. I am having a blast. I made a sewing body who has worked in a leather shop here making car seats and whatnot. I’m learning so much from her! More about that coming soon!

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