And my inspiration dyed…

I know it is a ridiculous pun, but I couldn’t help myself! I have been sewing, but I haven’t completed much. It all started with my lack-luster Vogue skirt:

See the meh? Because of the pattern drafting “options,” the skirt fits like a pencil front and back with these strange wing additions at the side. I’ve been tweaking the fit, but I should have known a light color for a big bottom was a poor choice.

So I decided to darken it up with a pack of dye I randomly bought awhile back.

test scraps and Dylon black dye
Test scraps complete.  The dye gave the natural fiber a nice even finish, which eliminated the white and blue weave of the fabric. I didn’t like the loss of texture.

I decided to finish the fit and create a waistband facing rather than use the recommended grosgrain ribbon. I also ordered more dye in brighter colors like purple-blue, red, and pink. When those come in, I am going to play with this technique and hopefully make this skirt a project I’ll love. As for the wardrobe, it is mutating as I go. Maroon and black are uninspiring when I’m surrounding by Spring flowers and bright fabric. More on that next time!

Huck voting “no” on the grosgrain ribbon finish. I always listen to the voice of wisdom!

6 thoughts on “And my inspiration dyed…

  1. Know that feeling! You get into a project that should go normally… and run into a road block that requires thought, and often something else to sort out before the original can be finished. Keep at it, and don’t hesitate to pick up something tried & true in the meantime! 🌹

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one =) As for TNT, I should really go back to my A-line skirt pattern and make it up in a staple like black linen or dark denim. I love new patterns, but the hit and miss aspect is getting old…

      1. I like that concept of “hit and miss.” Very apt, under the circumstances! Black linen/dark denim… reminds me that I’ve got a bit of both in me stash… hmmmm

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