Moto Jacket with the finishing touches

I am so happy with my jacket!

Finished Moto Jacket (B6169 by Lisette)!

In my last post, I was just about finished with the shell. Here’s the some of the sewing highlights and fitting issues.

The lining went together per the directions on the Lisette blog’s sew-a-long posts. I love the color contrast with the marsala/maroon red rayon lining!
Then, two became one. I tried to “bag out” the lining as the blog directed, however I couldn’t. When I stitched the sport zipper in, I top-stitched at that time. The top-stitching is part of the bag out lining step, which would connect the lining facing to the jacket using a zipper foot around the zipper. Rather than ripping out the top-stitching, I only stitched above and below the zipper, leaving the rest of the seam open. I tried to show that by turned the interfaced facing to the camera.
To finish the lining attachment, I had to hand stitch the facing along the edge of the zipper.
Ultimately, I had to also hand stitch the lining hems to the jacket hems, which added a lot of time and a pretty ease pleat. I also has a little trouble with the facing edge around the bottom of the inseam portion of the zipper. It was impossible to finish the hems as described on the blog. I think the problems I had came from using a Sport zipper. Can’t believe that zipper change cost almost 2 hours of extra work!
As per Liesl’s comment on my last post about the boxy nature of the jacket, I inserted the shoulder pads and lining before trying to fit again. As you can see, there was a lot of excess around the hems. In the end, I had to take out 5.5+ inches. 1 inch in the front was completely my mistake from my FBA. The rest was ease in the pattern (size 20 as per my waist measurement). I took another 1 out of the side front panels, 2 out of the side back panels, and 3/4 at each side back princess seam at the waist and tapering above and below like a fish-eye dart.
And after all the fitting, I am much happier! I left some of the ease in the shoulders because I wanted the freedom to move. At this point, I could give someone a bear hug or do yoga in this jacket.
Finally, finished side front around my curves. I am sorry for the photo quality. I won’t be seeing my friend who helps me take pictures until tomorrow. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait. I’ll probably post some nicer finished photos tomorrow.

I really enjoyed this sew-a-long. I am considering sewing up the fit-and-flare dress that Lisette is hosting a sew-a-long for next week. We’ll see. I have so many things I want to sew, but I really need some tops.


9 thoughts on “Moto Jacket with the finishing touches

  1. Wonderful! Love the lining/fabric contrast & the zip colour just fits. Can’t tell you how many times (including just tonight!) I’ve made the same process upset, but I haven’t always carried it through as well as you have. 😉
    Congratulations on a job well done! xx

    1. Thanks Linda! This is one of those projects that just makes me smile when I say “I made it!” Now I just need more outfits to wear it with. Time for some planning!

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