Moto Jacket Mid-Point Update

Here we go!

The back-Check out that print work!
Aligning the zipper was more difficult because I am using a “sport” one. I thought I had it adjusted correctly, but one side of my jacket is slightly larger than the other. I could also be fabric stretch. I’m not entirely sure. I recommend the suggested fabric zipper to keep things simple!
Zipper inserted and side panels/pockets completed.
Here is where I am. Front and back fitted and stitched. Sleeves stitched and waiting to be gathered and attached. This pattern is shaped for shoulder pads, so I have to either buy those or adjust that area to shape it for no shoulder pads.

Personally, this jacket is looser than I usually wear. It clearly says “semi-fitted” and the McCall’s blog describes it as boxy. I slimmed it up around the hem, but left some looseness for layers. I did fit over a long sleeve tee this time! I’m still concerned about the amount of ease in the back, but no matter where I pinned out bits, it always seems to throw off the overall look. I guess boxy in a soft fabric isn’t a bad thing. It will definitely accommodate layers!

I took a little slice of my Thursday afternoon, an early release Friday, and a 5 a.m. sewing cram session on Saturday to make it to the Mid-Point of the sew-a-long. I call it mid-point because the lining doesn’t need all the technical extras like zipper and pockets, and I’ve fabric fitted the bodice already. I hope to finish in time to join the others in the sew-a-long round-up!

Final cat photo:

Earning the good kibble as pattern weights!

8 thoughts on “Moto Jacket Mid-Point Update

  1. I think you may be surprised at the fit once you’ve got layers underneath it. I wouldn’t really call it boxy–when I zip mine there’s a little room, but not all that much. And I’m pretty close to sample size. When you wear it unzipped, which is how I wear mine most of the time, it may look a little more boxy. But not that much! We actually added a little room because at first it seemed just too fitted to me, and that wasn’t the look I wanted for this jacket. Of course, you could always fit it a little more if you do want that look, but I would suggest checking it with whatever you plan to wear underneath it first. Plus, the lining will add a little bulk…

    You’re making great progress!

    1. Thank for the feedback! Eeek! Liesl posted on my page! =D
      It might also be because I have a curvy spine/butt connection that holds the fabric away from my back waist. I am making an 18 shoulders/bust and 20 waist/hem. I think once I get the lining and sleeves together, it will give me a better picture when worn over layers. I’ll post pictures then. Thanks again!

    1. Hahaha! “look” is precisely correct. Sometimes they pounce and we can’t tell one from the other as they go into a fuzzy gray MMA sparring match. They’re brothers and love to wrestle. I sometimes worry, but since they don’t seem to hurt, I let it go. It is good entertaining exercise =D

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