Revisiting StyleArc’s Laura Cardigan

With my recent obsession with navy and the desire to have more winter wear, I pulled out my Laura cardigan again when I found an unexpected few hours of free time.


Instead of a fluid lightweight sweater knit, I chose an medium weight Interlock jersey. I also went with the longer length that the pattern was originally designed for. I have to say, this awkward pose and outfit tells you something. While I loved my first make to pieces (literally), this one is less satisfying.


The collar/hood had more body than before. It was a quick make. I didn’t bother to hem the bottom or the neckline as this fabric doesn’t seem inclined to run. Overall, it is a nice, warm winter basic.

On a side note, this is a maxi skirt I also whipped up from a poly print crepe. It is the woven maxi pattern included in S1616.


As before, I hemmed it so I wouldn’t trip on it. Alas, there was no muslin, so I didn’t notice that the way the yoke lays over my curves, the skirt ended up shorter in the back and with the shorter hem all around, it is clearly a misstep.


In defense of this overall look, a) I was struggling to figure out a warm outfit for this maxi and b) I didn’t realize how frumpy the overall look was until I saw the pictures. I doubt I’ll make this maxi skirt again (or ever wear it again). I am tempted to whack off several inches from the navy cardigan or find another pretty knit and make the shorter Laura in hopes of falling in love it the way I did with the original. Oh well, at least I did get a wardrobe basic in navy out of an unexpected sewing session.



4 thoughts on “Revisiting StyleArc’s Laura Cardigan

  1. Next time you’ve an hour to spare, whack off either the skirt or sweater & you’ll have a new piece! Meanwhile, it beats pj’s for around the house staying warm clothing, and all you need’s a coat for quick trips to the store. Thinking positively! xx

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