I won!

Karen @ Didyoumakethat held a giveaway recently. Yesterday, a package arrived from the UK bearing a sewing book and knit inspired tea towel (not the fabric):


And, of course, the cats decided that the pink tissue paper was their gift!


Now, I have to ask: Am I crazy to think these hot pink/red buttons go with this teal quilter’s cotton?


I’ve been wanting to make a “shirtwaist dress”. I’ve been seeking inspiration for the next silhouette project piece in a style I’ve never really worn. This style of dress is hard to find in RTW because of my pear shape. Here’s the pattern I’m thinking of using:

M6696 View D in Lace

I love that this pattern has the multi-cup pieces, pockets, cute sleeve cuffs, and a clear waistband, so it should be easier to fit to my curves. Maybe with contrast collars, cuffs, and waistband in solid black?


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