Lace waist dress preview with poll

Pleated sheath dress Burda

Remember this gem that I loved in Burda 05/2013 (#126)? It runs short (in my opinion), but otherwise looks like the picture.


This black cotton blend is a very stretchy woven fabric, so it is super comfortable. And from the back:

pleated sheath dress back Burda

Overall, I hate the bodice pleats as it seems to add volume to my torso. The cinched waist is nice and the skirt pleats are lovely and flattering. I would make it a little longer next time as I feel this thing is constantly riding up. I think I need to narrow the shoulders and dip the CF neckline slightly to help with the pulling as well. As a huge plus, it is a nice pulled together look for work that is comfy when paired with black tights and mary janes.

Well, here are the zoom/brightened pleats. The skirt front pleats acts weird/poofy when I sit, but I think it is because this fabric is a little heavy. The recommended fabric is a poplin with a little stretch. This is very stretchy and thick, similar to a RTW stretch blazer I bought recently..

pleated sheath dress back detail Burda  pleated sheath dress front detail Burda

Now that question is: Should I make up the coral poplin with color matched stetch lace in this style/silhouette? HELP! Any fitting issues my untrained eye is missing?

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