Deer and Doe Bleuet

As promised! This is my “model mimic” pose:

bluet front

I really appreciate the model they use for their patterns. She’s so realistic. Anyway, I only made a short back waist adjustment and chopped off the length. They draft their patterns for C/D cups, which I’m a C. Happiness! While I was sewing it up, I let out the seams from just below the bust the hem on all the princess seams. This worked for my pear shape as they drafted it for an hourglass figure. The fabric is a cotton blend medium-heavy twill. A little heavy for buttons, but it worked fine for a wearable muslin. The back:

Bluet backI think the back looks is fine. I think the wrinkles are coming from all the waist circumference problems. Fun fact: I’ve gained almost 15 pounds since moving to the USA. Bleh! It is just so easy to make pre-packaged food or eat at restaurants after a long day at work. Not easy on the waistline! Also, the neckline stretched out on me because I forgot to staystitch. I added a small pleat at the CB when I attached the collar to fix it. BTW, the collar is extremely comfortable when buttoned all the way up! No choking here!

bluet sideThe skirt pattern is Burda 08/2012 #111C made up in black linen. I stitched up before moving here. Of course, I’m afraid to sit down in it now. This is my attempt to mimic Burda’s model with the bright yellow wool crepe peplum top from that issue. Not a true peplum, but close enough.

Pattern Review Conclusion: LOVE! Bleuet is well-drafted, needing minimal adjustments,  with a lovely number of buttons to reduce gaping. I was planning this for the Monthly Stitch Collective take 2, but I haven’t even started the second one yet. I might wait a bit as I only have 25 or so days left in the semester before summer break. I have spent so much time since last October working on professional attire that I really want to make a few summer frocks before creating more work looks. Oh, and lose these new pounds, so I don’t have to refit these pattern! While taking this photo shoot my poor buttons were straining!

All sorts of pictures were taken in this photo shoot; more projects are coming soon!


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