You probably already know…

…but Deer and Doe of France has posted a free downloadable pattern of a cute little t-shirt! I’m loving the elbow patches!


Plantain t-shirt

Fun Fact: These patterns run true hourglass and RTW aka minimal ease. I own 4 of their patterns now: the Airelle Blouse, the Belledone Dress, the Bleuet Dress, and the Chardon Skirt (which was the pattern I was so in love with that I was willing to learn French, remember?). I have finished my first wearable muslin of the  Bleuet dress. I don’t know why but when the patterns arrived, I thought that would be the best to test run their fit and construction. I must say, the pattern is pretty amazing for a first run! Pictures will be coming soon. In the mean time, try the tshirt pattern for free!

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