The A-Line Skirt-My First Silhouette Project Piece

The A-line Skirt, a universal basic for every woman, is something I can’t remember ever making. When I was watching The Great British Sewing Bee, I realized this. I have always gravitated towards dresses and tops. Therefore it became the first style on my Silhouette Project List. I whipped one up in a lovely quilter’s cotton batik for a casual addition to my wardrobe.

Aline skirtA lovely overcast day at the park seemed like the perfect place to test drive my new skirt. This is Simplicity 2152. I cut the below knee length with pockets. I skipped lining it though I can hear Ann saying, “I always line this kind of skirt.” I am such an underachiever! Honestly, this fabric turned out too soft to hold the “A” shape crisply but it is a great casual look. This brown top is the RTW top I mentioned in my closet busting post. I already took apart the black one for a new pattern.

Aline skirt mehI was happy with this outfit until I saw this side view. My mummy tummy is poking out from the body shaper/slip I’m wearing. Not attractive.

Anyway, let’s break it down. Casual tee, tucked into an A-Line skirt: Win or Lose? I think the A-Line works and I like this skirt, but I am going to have to seriously think about how to style skirts in general. If I wear a full body shaper, it won’t be that comfortable for a day look. The shirt is too long to wear un-tucked with a skirt. I could play with structured tops and shorter hem lengths. Finally, is this top style working for me? Is it worth the effort of making a new pattern from the worn out old ones? Thoughts about either piece? Overall style and color choices?


7 thoughts on “The A-Line Skirt-My First Silhouette Project Piece

  1. Hey,

    I always move away from the A-line but then come back to it as it is a classic shape. I think make the skirt a tad longer not shorter, just below the knees and a not too fitted shirt not a tshirt would look nice. Sleeveless or short sleeveless that just covers the tummy (I have one as well, so know where you are coming from). I don’t go the full body stocking but have invested in a couple pairs of control undies..just to give me a nice line.

    I have also discovered “Cardigan Empire” she is good with what to wear for your body type (I am a typical pear).. check her out.


  2. Theresa – I like that silhouette on you but would perhaps make the Tshirt out of a less clingy fabric – I avoid rayon knits (especially the lightweight ones) as I find they cling to all the bumps and lumps. The Tshirt style looks good on you – have you tried some of the Burda drawstring tops? They look easy and quick for a flattering fit – would look great with your skirt.

    1. You know what is funny? I traced off one of the halter drawstring dresses for knits the other day for a printed knit day dress. I’ll make that up and see. If I like it, I’ll try a solid color for a top. Great minds thinking alike and all that!

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