My son’s little Jacket

mom and akylis at night in saquarema 2

This boy’s jacket from Burda (06-2011-136)  finishes up quickly, just in time for winter in Rio. (I’m wearing my StyleArc Laura Leggings in this photo too!) Its a cute pull-on hoodie in size “4” for boys that works well for the most part; but there are a few problems with it.

Here’s the magazine photo. The boy’s neckline seems to be laying flat and straight.

Akylis jacket frontAlas, on my son, this is not true. The hood goes almost to my son’s pants waistband and the weight of it pulls the neckline up and back leaving the “v” portion gaping. I think it is because I used a soft printed cotton flannel rather than a stiffer linen.

Akylis jacket backSee how long and wide that hood is? Sometimes it slides down his shoulder for that 80s look.

Akylis jacketThe sleeves also came out too long. If I make this again I need to shorten them 2.5″. I am also thinking about deleting the hood and finishing the neckline with extended binding that would tie the “V” shut and keep out the chill. My husband has asked that I insert a zipper which would mean either slashing it lower and adding a CF seam. I like that this is cut and slashed because it makes it super easy to plan the print placement; however, a seam would be easier for installing a zipper. Also if I delete the hood, we loose the “easy grab” element.

akylis jacket hood

Overall, I would say this pattern is easy and successful. It is a little big, but it is not the pattern’s fault. My son is realistically a size 3, but I made one larger so he could keep using it all winter even if he has a growth spurt. The biggest oddity is the hood. I plan on making this again with modifications.

7 thoughts on “My son’s little Jacket

  1. Well, just think of all the extra room being “growing room”! It’s always hard to get clothing that fits little ones, but then there’s that pesky thing called growing that they do, and in 3 months, what fit needs to be passed on! And oversized hoods seem to be a trend, even on RTW hoodies, I find.

  2. Usually hoods have a drawstring through the front edge which allows you to snug it up closer to the neck. You can still alter the hood by pinching out the excess near the forehead and work your way back to nothing assuming that there is a center seam. Fold the sleeve hems under and topstitch so you can let them down later as he grows into them. What a cutie!

  3. Cute top – I made heaps of Burda for Kids when my kids were little and found that I needed to add some shaping or alter for a better fit. If you email me I will pass on the issues I still have.

    If you can find old issues of an Aussie magazine called Topkids it is worth it – they fit better and have an amazing range of very fashionable (still) patterns for kids.

    1. That’s a generous offer Jacqui. I live in Brazil though and shipping can be quite expensive. When I ordered a few patterns from StyleArc it was almost $40 for shipping. Its also why hunting down Topkids will have to wait until I can hunt it down on the internet.

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