Best Friend 2013 or BitchFest 2013-either way BF’13 is about being honest in comments about sewing projects. It all started with ReadyThreadSew’s post about honesty. So I made a badge. bitcfest logo big

I would love if everything I made was perfect but I am not a Savile Row Tailor nor a Couture Dressmaker trained in Paris. I am learning and hope to someday get there. This blog is about my journey and I want to learn. If you see a spot where I can improve or have another way to handle a problem: share, comment, critique, etc. Feedback is the best way to learn!

If you want to foster this sort of reader relationship on your blog, grab the badge and help your readers know its a safe place for honest criticism!


5 thoughts on “BF’13

  1. I replied to your comment on my blog but just in case you didn’t see it I wanted to say that I absolutely adore the badge. I will be adding it to my sidebar as soon as I remember how to change anything on wordpress. I’m going to write another post in the next few days and will definitely be mentioning the badge.

    I deliberately kept the details vague about which blog prompted my post but I wonder if you’d mind me pointing to your “My first lace …” post in a follow up?

    BTW – it’s Savile Row, not Seville. I wouldn’t have mentioned it after seeing it once because I presumed it was a typo, but you’ve used the Seville spelling a couple of times so I’m guessing it’s how you see/hear it. I double checked the spelling and was surprised that it only had one L – if I’d ever mentioned it on my blog I would have used Saville! (Now I feel guilty about criticising spelling – I guess my own post hasn’t quite sunk in yet.)

    1. lol thanks so much for letting me know. I am an English teacher and how publicly embarrassing =) I guess it just got stuck in my head the wrong way. As for my post, feel free to mention it specifically. As for adding it, I used the appearance>widgets>sidebar to change mine. If you need more help I can look back and write it up step by step. Also for the badge, I was going to ask your permission to set up the “click to” link to your post. As the moment it is set up to my post that links to your post, but I think it should go straight to yours since it explains things in detail. Let me know if that works for you!

  2. No need to feel embarrassed, I would have spelled it Saville forever if I hadn’t double-checked before mentioning it here. I would never criticise someone else’s spelling without a double-check and I was very surprised to find out that it was spelled with one L. I won’t forget it now though, even though it looks weird with only one L!

    Feel free to link your badge directly to my post if you wish – I also have no problem if you want to link it through your own post about it. I have zero interest in turning my hobby into a business so I don’t need “hits” on my blog. .

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