Free Panties, Assembly Required!

That’s right ladies, there’s a free PDF pattern for the Rosy Ladyshorts over on Cloth Habit’s blog and they are adorable! Now why would I want to spend precious sewing time on underwear? First, because in Brazil 100% cotton underwear is expensive. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom bikinis at Wal-Mart in FL were always affordable and comfortable in the heat, but here there is a plethora of polyester blends! Just eww! I’m totally a natural fibers girl when I sew and I am going to hunt down the stretch lace trim and experiment! I also have the Jessica Bikini pattern from Burda, which I downloaded when it was still free. A few modifications, mainly the waistband, and this one would double for panties too! I will probably hit the sewing store next month, because we are in the process of moving to another apartment here in Rio. I’ll keep you posted!


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